3 Feelings He Wants You To Share

People say without trust, no relationship works – and we completely agree. However, trust isn’t the only essential component in a healthy relationship. While trust definitely lays the first brick of a happy relationship in place, communication in a relationship is the foundation on which a lasting bond develops and strengthens.

As far as trust is concerned, it is either there or not… but communication? It requires daily work! It is not a surprise that we see many relationships failing due to, or in connection to, poor communication between the partners.

Women in particular need to be more active when it comes to communicating feelings and thoughts in a relationship. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that wiring of the minds of men and women is a striking contrast. Women are naturally more emotional and sensitive than men – and their emotional needs are way higher than men.

Without effective communication, a relationship is bound to face problems, including loss of faith, insecurities, emotional dissatisfaction, and eventual loss of interest. Always remember, expressing yourself genuinely is the ultimate way to set yourself up for a lasting relationship that is only filled with love, fun, and care.

Knowing what, when, and how to communicate with your man is the key to enjoying a happily-ever-after kind of a relationship. After the initial exciting phase of the relationship when things start to go steady, women often make the mistake of ‘going with the flow’. They stop going the extra mile to keep the spark alive after serious commitment. After all, the man they fell in love with is truly theirs!

If you ask us for one secret ingredient that can keep your relationship going strong for years to come, we will say it’s communication. Many women complain that their man seems indifferent and aloof at times when it comes to their emotions – and thus, they stop trying, keeping all their feelings inside. You will be surprised to hear that your man actually wants you to share your feelings with him. He may not ask you to share what you are feeling or thinking directly but he expects you to be vocal about it.

After spending a few years with your partner, things might seem routine and boring. It is not uncommon for women to start expecting their partner to automatically know what is going on in their mind and heart. Whether you have just met your dream man or have spent years together, start sharing the following three feelings with him – you will be surprised to see how it spices things up for both of you, adding ‘forever’ to your relationship.                

When You Feel Proud of Him, Tell Him

Your man wants you to not hide your emotions when you feel proud of him. If you still don’t know how a man’s mind works, let us tell you a secret: they really like to show off and enjoy being the center of appreciation.

So, whenever he does something good for you or your relationship – or anything positive in general, make sure you are there by his side to clap for him. That being said, you wouldn’t want to praise him for something that you don’t really like because if you do it, you will likely be getting more of it in the future. Just be authentic and let your man know that you notice and appreciate his efforts and that you think he is doing great. Sometimes, a little praise does go a long way!    

Crawl Out of Your Shell When You Are Upset

In a romantic relationship, women often tend to think that they should only be showing positive sides of their emotions to their partner. They end up burying all their sorrows and problems deep in their heart and don’t feel comfortable seeking their man’s shoulder to cry on afraid of coming off as vulnerable. Long-term relationships don’t work this way!

Your man deserves to know when and why you are upset and what he can do to make you feel better. Believe us when we say that suppressed feelings are never good for your emotional health – they start affecting your romantic life in one way or another without you knowing.

The best part of this is that your man himself wants you to share your feelings when you are sad or in a low mood. So, you better start being more open about your feelings with your man and let him take care of you right there and then instead of erupting like volcano days or weeks later.  

If you simply want your man to hear you out when you are hurting and not do anything for you, just tell him that. Don’t expect him to ‘just know’ what you need from him. A man often feels helpless just sitting there knowing what to do to cheer you up when you are sulking.   

Your feelings set him on fire

Your man wants to know when you are happy because of him. If only more women understood how important it is for a man to be able to make you smile and laugh, it would change the dynamics of many relationships, saving them from falling apart. When your man knows what makes you happy, there is no reason why he wouldn’t want to do more of that!

Remember, men are not even nearly as intuitive as your girlfriends. They learn by watching your reactions. For them, a positive reaction demonstrating nice, happy feelings means ‘do it more’ and a negative reaction showing feelings of sadness or grief means ‘don’t do it again’.
Yes, you heard that right. Men really can be that simple!

In fact it's so simply most women have a hard time believing how vulnerable a man is to a woman's emotions. Women that learn to sit back and flow flow with their emotions create a Campfire Effect with men. This is when a man feels captivated and spellbound just being in your presense.

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