3 Deadly Relationship Sins

In the modern world, socializing has become so advanced that finding and meeting new people is just a click away. However, it would not be wrong if we say that today, starting a new relationship is much easier than maintaining one over time.

Even if two people get along really well and hit it off on the very first date, you simply cannot expect them to be able to continue the relationship in the long-term.

Women often complain that despite being crazily in love with a man and doing everything they possibly could to shower him with love and care, they get ditched and end up being heartbroken. What they do not understand is that love and care are not the only ingredients in the recipe of a successful relationship.

While these surely are two solid pillars that lay the foundation, a relationship requires a lot of hard work, consistent efforts, and patience to work out in the long run.

“Relationships are hard work but when the work is put in, the love is unstoppable.”
Dyllan Murray

You probably have heard about what a woman should do to keep her man attracted and in love with her. While there is so much that you can do to keep the spark alive in your relationship, you should avoid a few things for the sake of keeping the relationship itself alive in the first place.

A happy, fulfilling relationship is truly beautiful but great rewards come at the cost of great sacrifices and a lot of consistent hard work.

To keep the relationship strong,  you should try to protect it from three things. You may consider these as relationship ‘sins’ – yes, that’s how badly you should want to avoid them. While it is not possible to never find yourself at the verge of or in the middle of committing these relationship sins, it is indeed possible to at least pay attention and look out for them so that you don't wake up one day and hear him say, "I’m sorry, I don’t love you anymore” when you really thought he was into you.

A relationship of your dreams cannot be weaved out of thin air. It takes perseverance, careful efforts, and most importantly, avoiding the following deadly relationship sins.

1. Resentment

Resentment stems from the feeling that one is giving more than what they are receiving in a relationship. And believe us when we say that it is never about a single incident but more like a slow poison. Resentment often takes months to build up as one partner feels that they are consistently giving to the other and investing in the relationship without receiving much appreciation or reciprocal behaviors in return. 

A few weeks into the relationship, some women may start feeling that their man is unable to meet their emotional needs. Given the fact that men are wired differently than women, they may not pay keen attention to every little detail – and this might make a woman feel unappreciated or ignored.

To keep your relationship going at full swing, it is important that you address any feelings of resentment that you may have developed immediately. When ignored, resentment may turn into contempt – and it can be one of the deadliest things in a relationship.

The scary part is that resentment tends to build up slowly without you or your partner having the slightest  clue until it becomes so intense that even the smallest provocation makes you feel that you no longer want to continue the relationship.

That having said, it is crucial for you to understand and accept your partner for who he is. If something still bothers you, do not hesitate to talk to him about it. It is always best to cut the root of resentment off while it is still small!

2. Criticism

Here's a rule of thumb that's worth remembering: make sure you don't criticize a man any more than you praise him. 
Nobody likes being criticized, especially when they are never appreciated for the good things that they do. Women often make the mistake of criticizing their partner on every petty thing. If you do the same, then do not be surprised when your man starts feeling as if you are trying to be his mother.

Another point to note down is that never tell him and yourself that you are only trying to help him by pointing out his wrongdoings only. You must realize that your man does not want you to help him that way. While constructive criticism might be helpful – and he may even take it willingly at times, do not ever forget that he wants you to be just as observant when he does something well.

Never step back from showing gratitude – a little thank you note can go a long way!

3. Neglect

As you become comfortable in a relationship, it is easy to stop trying and making the effort to please your partner. Just because you spend so much time with each other and have started to understand one another does not mean everything in your relationship is ‘understood.’

Women often start expecting their partner to read their minds and this is what leads them to commit the third relationship sin, ‘neglect’.

When your man does something that you like to make you happy, do not just assume that he would know you appreciate his effort. Communicate your feelings and thoughts openly instead of expecting him to tap into what is going on in your head.

Always remember that it was your smile and playful traits that made him want to be with you. Believe us when we say that he still craves to see that side of your personality, in fact, even more so now that you are a couple.

Remember it's your emotions that melt his heart and create the "Campfire Effect." This is when a man feels captivated and spellbound just being in your presense.

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