Feminine Energy Magic

25th to 27th October, 2019 At The Ritz Carlton, Atlanta, Georgia

With Leading Global Relationship Experts Sami Wunder & Bob Grant
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We have a HUGE vision for every woman!

A vision that holds you in your highest light, in being the most authentic version of the woman you were born to be and in experiencing a love that at first you only imagined in your dreams.

Stop for just a moment and ask yourself -

How would it feel to understand the secrets of feminine attraction so profoundly, that you never have to wonder what a man or your partner is thinking ever again? 

How would it feel if you could UNLOCK the hidden power that is already within you as a woman, to attract and keep a high-quality man's heart forever, and keep the flowers, gifts and affection rolling in? (And no, the secret isn’t in being more positive or losing more weight!)  

How would it feel to know with an unshakeable faith that you were born deserving of your dreams of a happy family and uncover the secrets it takes to attract a high-quality, loving man into your experience right now?


And how would it feel to learn these life-changing skills while living your best diva life at a live, luxury weekend in one of the most gorgeous hotels in the world…

With two world class relationship experts, the legendary Guru Bob Grant and the QueenWunder Diva Sami Wunder by your side, being your personal love experts ….


Because YOU are worth it!

It is time to forget online coaching…Zoom, Skype, Facebook lives and emailsand experience in person, life-changing transformation that you can see, smell and experience tangibly.

This is as high touch, as personal, as real life and as exclusive as it ever gets to be!

We´ve created this never-done-before opportunity of being part of a live, luxury weekend, together with us where you will live, dine, wine, and learn from us directly over the course of 3 intensive days from the 25th to the 27th Of October, 2019!

What Is The Feminine Energy Magic Weekend?

The Feminine Energy Magic Luxury weekend is a 3-day live,resident, luxury weekend in Atlanta, United States.

The event is a dream come true for the busy ambitious woman who is hungry for rapid transformation in her love life and doesn´t have weeks, months and years to waste practicing trial and error tactics that don´t give her results with men…

And this woman is a queen who has a taste and appreciation for the fine things in life...like a long, indulgent weekend at the world renowned...Ritz Carlton Hotel!!!



Yes, we´ve booked the Ritz for you and you´re invited to this chance of a lifetime, to experience being and living like a true queen as you learn the secrets to be the queen of a high-quality man´s heart!

Think fine dine, wine, diva friendships and transformation, all packed into one heady cocktail of a luxury weekend, get-a-away from work, taking you on a journey to connecting again with your femininity and womanhood, the magical ingredients that make the best of men, fall at your feet!

Our Inspiration Behind Organizing This Weekend


Our inspiration behind this weekend is our desire to support an intimate group of women on the journey of “living this work of women´s empowerment in romantic relationships” vs. just understanding it intellectually.

You see, it´s nice to read 20 books on romantic relationships and listen to 100 podcasts on feminine energy and understanding men…

It´s also nice to go Googling for relationship advice and watch free YouTube videos…

And yet, that hit and trial approachdoesn´t give us the life-changing results we desire…

That soulmate love, that happy family picture…

We STILL find ourselves feeling disappointed and triggered, ever so often, by early dating…

We STILL find ourselves wondering whether the man we like, likes us back…

We STILL find ourselves wasting months and years going in circles…doing and repeating the same old patterns.

And this happens not because we haven´t read enough relationship books or dating courses but because implementation of the diva work in front of a man you like is a different ball game!

Hence, we created this weekend so that you can get out of your head and really LIVE this work, firsthand, with us and in our presence and get real results for your love life.

And no, we´re not exaggerating!

We see it happen for our clients all the time!

Carla – “I´ve found a man that adores the ground I work on. I never thought that such love was possible. “

Lisette – “I am grateful that God put Sami on my path. My dream of having a family of my own is now fulfilled, and at one point, it felt so impossible to have.”

Shahrzad–“I am having my dream wedding in Jamaica and my man proposed to me the last weekend. This works.”

Jen –“I am so grateful to have attracted a man who shows me every day that I am the love of his life. “

And we know, deep in our hearts, it is possible for you too; yes it is!

Who Is The Luxury Weekend For?

This weekend is for you if you´re single and a diva queen who would -

Love to learn the expert skills to attract her soulmate King…

Love to receive the roadmap to creating successful romantic love …

Love to stop the guess work in her dating life and have an action plan that she knows will bring her success if she has the courage and willingness to implement it…

Love to understand men as she understands her best girlfriend ;)

Love to know what a man´s commitment timeline is and how to not attach in early dating so that she can get all the way to forever commitment…

Love to have divine, feminine connections and friendships with other amazing women on the same journey as herself…

Love to learn to speak from her heart and exude her feminine radiance and warmth so that she becomes an invitation to high-quality men that are looking for her!

And learn all of this from two of the world´s leading experts in romantic relationships with a tremendous track record of client success.

About Sami Wunder

Romantic Relationship Expert

Sami Wunder is a leading international relationship and dating expert who specializes in working with ambitious, high-achieving women, helping them attract lasting romantic love.
As the CEO of a thriving 7-figure business, Sami currently serves a highly engaged, global clientele of over 55K followers across 30 countries. Her clients range from a Hollywood celebrity to UK TV stars to CEOs, bankers, lawyers, doctors, renowned authors, leading entrepreneurs and more.
To date, Sami Wunder’s company has served over 2800 premium clients and recorded over 140 client engagements and more than 100 committed relationships in the past three years.
She’s a leading authority when it comes to dating and relationships and is a sought after expert in the media, appearing regularly in the Business Insider, Forbes and Time magazines, Glamour, the Daily Mail, The Metro, Cosmopolitan and many more.

About Bob Grant and RelationshipHeadquarters

The Relationship Doctor

After spending over 20 years in both a hospital and private practice settings helping couples, singles and families, Bob Grant founded relationshipheadquarters.com in 2001 as a way to help women worldwide experience the same fulfillment his regular clients have been experiencing in his private practice. Our website now reaches both women and men in over 45 countries and growing.

Over the course of the 3 days that we will be spending together in Atlanta city with you, expect to be blown away by the journey we will be taking you through!

Here´s how the event itinerary will look like



25th October, 2019

Arrival and check in at the Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta 2pm onwards.

Evening welcome reception and drinks with Bob Grant and Sami Wunder at 6.30 pm.



26th October, 2019

Breakfast served – 7 to 9 am
10 am to 12 noon– Workshop
12 to 2 pm – Lunch provided
3 to 5 pm – Workshop
Evening diva surprise!



27th October, 2019

Breakfast served – 7 to 9 am
10 am to 12 noon– Workshop
12 to 2 pm – Lunch provided
3 to 5 pm – Workshop + Surprise
Farewell hugs and departure!

Your Investment For This Luxury, In-Person Weekend At The Ritz-Carlton?


4000 USD standard investment one time
1100 * 4 monthly installments

(VIP bounus ends Thursday, Aug 8 at midnight)

3500 USD (savings of 500 USD)
Or 950 * 4 months



Here´s all the Goodies Your Investment Includes -

Stay in your palace like a Queen at the Ritz-Carlton

Twin bed accommodation in a Deluxe Superior room at the Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta. This is one of the best hotels Atlanta has to offer amongst its 5 Stars and from what we know, the Ritz-Carlton does not disappoint.
Feel free to let us know if you´d like to share the room with a girlfriend who is coming along!

Wake Up In Luxury

Enjoy your delicious breakfast served for a Queenas variety of teas, fresh fruits, coffees and other delicacies await you as you get ready to enjoy your breakfast in the 5-star hotel, which is included in your fees. The breakfasts have been hand ordered and personally chosen for you by us.

Step into your transformation with live coaching with Bob Grand and Sami Wunder.

After breakfast, walk to the 5-star goddess meeting room that has been booked privately for your live coaching sessions with Sami and Bob at the Ritz,  you will receive 8 hours of live coaching support from us on topics such as -

Navigating early dating like a pro diva – no more triggers and falling off your bridge. You will have a solid plan for you that will keep you on track.

Unsafe man signs and red flags so you´re not choosing the wrong men for you or putting up with rotten behavior from your current man!

Men´s commitment timelines and how to be able to read a man clearly.

Behaviors that build his attraction and drive him crazy for you! Yes they do ;’) and much more!

Get inside a man´s mind with Bob and into the diva energy with Sami and how masculine / feminine plays out and test it on live demonstrations one evening with an amazing man in the room ;)

This isn´t going to be theory. We´re going to make you WORK this in a way that the messages will stick and stay with you as you navigate your dating life or relationship.

This kind of personal access to us where you can ask your personal questions is already worth thousands.

Indulge your taste buds with a sumptuous lunch

After coaching, your delicious daily hot lunch with appetizer, main meal and desert is also included in your fees (except on day of arrival 25th October where we start with the welcome reception in the evening).

Nourish and reconnect with your bodylike a queen

A full body relaxing Swedish massage for every participant at the Ritz-Carlton Spa is also included to support your feminine relaxation and indulge your senses.

Are we asking you to fly to Atlanta for an entire weekend?

Yes, that´s exactly what we´re asking you to do.

We know it is easy and comfortable to hide behind a laptop and do this work.

But with Bob´s years of experience in the field now and Sami´s incredible results for her clients, we both know that it is not staying in your comfort zone that will bring you the results you´re looking to get in your love life.

You´ve got to get inside the room to change your game!

You´ve got to be willing to be brave, bold and courageous and LIVE this work even when it feels scary to step into this level of responsibility, action and love for yourself.

We know your grandest love dreams are waiting for you and there´s nothing like being on this journey with a room full of other amazing women like yourself, all cheering and applauding you as you get ready to fly in love and be the woman men adore!


Tiffanie, United Kingdom

My wondrous Sami, where do I even start? Your retreat has been phenomenal for me in every sense of the word.
Not only meeting you in person is such a delight, but being in such a top-notch hotel in Santorini, meeting all these wonderful women from all over the world, has been a life changing experience.
Live coaching with you is also such a powerful experience. My talent and desire for photography has been reignited on this retreat, and I have loved every single moment of this trip.
You are such a fabulous role model for us women to have. Thank you for organising such a special experience for us. Worth every penny ever spent! Bloody marvellous work, Sami darling!

Nicole, Canada

Wonderful Sami, this retreat has been the most amazing experience of my life so far. I am leaving with feelings of confidence in my dating life, and of love and bonding with my Wunder sisters who will now all be a part of my life. My heart now feels open to the next stage of my life.
I am so thankful I dived in and flew all the way from Canada for this. This week has been totally worth all the hours of flight!

Priyal, United States

Magnificent, super well-planned, fun and absolutely fantastic! :)
Thank you so much, Sami, for organizing such an amazing experience for us ladies, with so much care and love, just to pamper ourselves and give ourselves a great time. You have a wonderful soul and you are such an empowering coach.

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